Monday, November 28, 2005


The bright sunlight filters in above my head through the slits in the drapes. A golden ocean surrounds me as the covers shimmer in the morning sun, softly nudging me to consciousness. My eyes rest on the shadows that dance on the wall next to me, gently attempting to lull me back to sleep.
Reality clouds my thoughts, the events of the past few weeks replaying in my head like those black and white movies that won't go away. Images at first, flitting in and out with no real start or end and then, time categorizes all memories effortlessly before I can stop it.

I was having a pleasant evening out, enjoying the fresh spring air and the chatter of passerby's when a middle-aged man bumped me aside, rushing along for one important reason or another. An important business meeting or late dinner plans perhaps. Regardless, the force of his nudge caused me to catch a smartly dressed Japanese business man's briefcase on the knee, spilling the contents on the wharf deck. As I bent down to help him collect the documents I noticed they weren;t documents at all. All $1000 bills. So... I grabbed 6 stacks and shot down the closest side street, weaving my way throught the city until I was surely alone. Noone followed as it would be more costly to leave the bundles lying on the deck than to recover the 60g I had collected for the knee injury.

Night after night of carefree spending and nonsensical whatnotishism blur together painting a rough picture of what it may be like to make it bigtime.
Is this what the 'high-life' is like? Or does it get better? I guess I have another month or so to figure it out although it doesn't seem as fun as originally planned.
Well.. its off to the carribean! I'll keep in touch.


rayban68 said...

nice return to the storys.. now write one that takes me all workday to read, not just a few minutes ;)

Zanitram said...

mk... I wrote that one oct 19th and just didnt quite finish it.. Ill start working on a long one..

graceej said...

dude why not write a book and actually make some money and go to the your not doing anything at work anyway