Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Cranberry juice.
The stuff wreaks Havoc on the insides but for some reason I can't stay away from it. mmmm. Cranberry Juice.

So on saturday we went wedding ceremony shopping around the pg area and happened upon a bird.

I'm pretty sure its a new species, I'll name it Phaselhiensk. In honour of the cheap linen in munsk.
People say I'm strange but thats cuz I'm a stranger.

DoMeStiC DiSpUtEs

Close the door! where you born in a barn?
No.. Just forgot! Sheesh.
Well, we're not heating the neighborhood you know
Just drop it
NO. I'm not dropping it, every freaking time you come in the door you leave it open.
Its a waste of energy!
look. grow up, you're a waste of energy.
Oh Me grow up? I'm not the one being a name callerer.
Right.. name callerer.. good one.
I can't take this right now.

This has been DoMeStiC DiSpUtEs our new addition to the program!

Thanks for tuning in, we'll see you next time and have a GREAT day!!!


rayban68 said...

Cranberry juice is so nast. Reminds me too much of back in the day with creatine and massive Costco jugs of cranberry juice.

Zanitram said...

Ya and it causes domenstic disputes and the Phaselheinsk tends to retreat from those who partake. He's no friend of the Cran.

rayban68 said...

Dirty, Dirty cran. It is the source of all your problems, most notably the 5 weekends of sickness

Brass said...

If it wasn't for cranberry juice I'd have turned into a Jehovas Witness.