Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Appreciate. Appreciate the appreciation in the market today.
I do.

Depreciation is a nasty, nasty dirty little bugger though.

My house is worth more than I paid.

My car is worth less than i paid.

Granted..It evens out quite nicely in my favour..
Enough of this nattering...

Props to k1m who brought it today. She is a badbum mother-trucker who dont take no spit from nobody....

cooool runnins!!!

My writing is choppy today to reflect my thoughts. Scattered and sporadic.. Hardly thinking on one thing for more than a moment. although! I did find the time to link to imdb to explain my random comments...

A think a vacation is in order. Perhaps Mehico.. or bahamas.. probably hixon or quesnel if we really get goin.. Feels like I'd like to get outta town though..

I do. Have internet at home once again.. So thats new. And Shall be in contact more frequently with those whom I desire to interact digitally with. Check them sketchy english skillz.

To bring some content to my posts it sometimes takes me hours to write a full section (not because I'm slow in the head) Mainly because I'm working at the time.. In effect my writing style may change from sentance to sentance with my mood at the time! I would ask you not think of me as schitzophrenic.. only busy.. and slightly random.. actually.. Think of me what you will! And then let me know.. feedback. good.


rayban68 said...

yes you work very hard.

and you are NOT slow in the head.

I don't care what anyone says about you, you're still my bro.

K-Prime said...

I think slightly random is a bit of an understatement, you rival me for that...of course, that just makes our conversations all the more interesting...

bziph said...

very possibly it's the affiliated crux of the derogatory direct relation to the heighth of negative decisions...hmmm... substantially consequential wouldn't you say?