Monday, October 17, 2005

Speaking of sick!

The last three days.

On my back. Darkness has overtaken me, I am unable to think. Head swims and simple requests become irratating and seem impossible to carry out. Middle of the night, thick dull aching replaces my eyes and robs me of rest. Steam. Cold cloth. Drugs. I can't sleep.

Light shines through but only for a moment as the canucks take the stars 5-3. Perhaps more relief will come tuesday night as they face off against the blackhawks..

Seriously tho. There is no hiding from this monster. Keep your children indoors. Your drapes drawn and hands washed. It took out my father, who had to miss a day of work. The last time he missed work it was because he crushed his heel when i was 9. Be afeered. be very afeered.

The small child was sick the last few weeks but she is feeling much better now, her birthday come and gone, presents still arriving daily. Now I'm glad we didnt play her bday party up for her as it had to be postponed.. Come He double-hockey sticks or high H2O its gonna be thiss weekend !

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