Friday, October 07, 2005


The sun glints off shards of glass as I pick my way through the cement jungle, sounds and smells of the city keep me occupied as nine-fivers scuttle by unaware of the things that go on around them. Im dressed smartly, suit and tie, black shoes and my zellers shades. Before ducking into the alley I check my six to make sure I'm alone. I take a second, straighten my tie and brush the dust off my shoe. The briefcase is locked, carrying the reason for my early morning appearance.

As I approach the 2nd building I can see the door is half open on the upper balcony, this must be it. I control my thoughts as I step up the rickety staircase on the outside of the rundown apartment complex. Breathing steadily my eyes dart back and forth through the opening, searching for any hint of a setup. As I enter the room I step to the left and set down the briefcase.

He sits in the shadows, top hat situated perfectly and cane dangling from his wrist, his eyes not giving away the secrets locked inside. I didnt expect this to say the least, with the way the job went last night, A guy like this gives me the impression he would know his east from west. I remove my sunglasses and hide them away inside my jacket, my hand brushing the .45 on it's way out reminding me of darker days. "You got it out ok?" His voice is raspy, like someone who smokes more than breathes. "You got my money?" My voice is even, despite the adrenaline filling my stomach. "Ten large, small bills, You can count it if you like"

"I know where to find you" I reply boldly.

Wind blowes throught the door bringing in the fall chill, silence strangles the air, making it hard to hear..He shoves a dufflebag across the floor and I pick it up, eyes never leaving him, and cautiosly unzip, just 6 inches or so. I'm satisfied and back out of the room, he nods and I'm gone.

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sweet story

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