Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rraww. Im the angry Blog

I feel like I owe my Blog a post.. but I really have nothing to write about.. The last few days I've went to work.. went home to my lovely family. Pretty much watched tv and thats about it.. Last night T and I studied for a midterm, and I learned that Buffon was the guy who belived in uniformaterialismisticationer. or something. So that was good, hopefully she does good on her test tday..
I took my break at 12:30 today and decided to go for a little walk. I made it around the school to the playground and sat on a swing, careful to ensure no spots would soil by bottom as that would cause embarrasment later on in the day. I stayed on that swing for 40 minutes at least, just swinging.. thinking of really nothing.. looking at the same boring houses and the same boring hill with the same boring trees that are dying. Then I came back inside.. and it was 12:42.... I really gotta find something to do on my breaks.. work is boring enought without adding an hour of extra bleh in the middle.

I tend to bide my time by blog-surfing between calls, staring at the sailboat card on my desk and taking pot shots with the aging nerf guns at random employees that happen to look at me wrong. Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time on that gridlock game.. where you gotta get the blue brick outta the box but I got bored after a while and went back to blogsurfing. I learned how to do something new today at work.. but it was too easy and I'm already done..

Notta lotta stufftado.

Thats the general idea here.

Any suggestions?

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rayban68 said...

I would suggest taking your break one hour before you go home!!!

Boring is better than not paying the billz ;)