Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I enjoy writing in the fall. Reminds me of well.. writing in the fall, which is always a good time.

So we've lived in Dawson Creek for almost a year now; Martina and Tamara are back to school, Linden is almost a year old and I am still alive.

Moving has been a big part of our lives over the past year ( I have moved ALL our stuff 3 times) so we are hoping to stay in this place for a while!

Most of my job nowadays is sitting in my office listening in on conference calls - and occasionally participating. My office itself is not so bad, top floor of the hospital - attached bathroom and big window overlooking.. trees and stuff. No one bothers me, or tracks when I arrive or leave, and as long as all my tasks (minimal) are covered I don't even hear from my boss who works as an executive from another facility in another town.
The unfortunate reality is lack of job satisfaction.
My wonderful wife has suggested I work towards a degree! This way I could at least fill the time I am supposed to be at work with something productive. Great Idea! Only problem is.. what do I want to do when I grow up? I have been having difficulty selecting a 'program' that I think I'll be able to stay awake through. Doesn't school kind of sound boring? I am ready to try something else though!
In my time away from my 'day job' I have been working for a local contractor/friend. We have been building a spec house here in town! I've learned a lot and have been involved in almost every stage of the building up until now. ( just got the trusses on this weekend) There are some interesting/unique things about this particular building project! Working on site is a local architect who has designed the small ( 1000sq ft) house as his first residential project since graduating last year. Energy Efficiency is key nowadays and building green is the game. From potential solar power to an outside patio sliding door system this project is full of interesting ideas and cutting edge concepts. I'll post pictures as soon as I get some!
It's my turn to talk now.. back to the conf call.


b said...

I love when you write.

mari said...

so what else is new?

Zanitram said...

not much...