Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dolly Varden Nothing.

This weekend was interesting...
It started with a phone call,


" Heeeey Pattycakes whats up?"

" oh, hey dude whats goin on?"

"Dolly Varden! Thats whats goin on man!, we're headin to Mackenzie! Pack your SHTuff and meet us at Duders!"

"Sweet. Um Let me call my wife."

" Hi honey how are you?"

"Ok, kids cranky.. been a long day.."

"oh. um. So I got a call from Dude"

" and..?"

" Yea so he's going to mackenzie! to fish.. big Dolly's I guess.."

"Nice! Tell him to have fun!"

"yea so he invited me! Uh what do you think?"

.....Discussion ensue's......


"Hey Dude"


"see you in 20 dude!"

Off we went, with visions of 15lb fish easy for the picking right off the shore of the river. Little did we know what was in store for us.

Williston Lake


"hey.. dude" kiCk" you're snoring"

"mumble muble"

"dude" KicK"Fork and Shutup man" ( I think thats what he said)

"wha?? " - I wake up ... apparently Tamara's not lying about my snoring...

7:30am or something we get up and have a hearty breakfast off Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, toast yogurt, melon, pineapple, oranges and coffee ( with Baileys of course)


"Sooooo, wheoeeeow! Where do we catch the fish?"

" Oh It's about 1/2 hr up the lake if we pull your canoe with our BOAT"

"Yea thats a.. great idea!"

So 3 of us pile into the canoe, while 3 others get into the 14' aluminum with their 2 dogs, and off we go with nothing but a 9hp motor and big dreams.

After an hour of insane waves caused by the boat towing us coupled with the waves from the 200km long lake I was starting to get bored. The water was coming in slightly slower than we could bail it out so it wasn't much of a challenge..... I'm actually quite surprised the canoe didn't sink.. It's a good thing know what we're doing I thought...

The idea was to come out and fish.. but I was kind of tagging along.. in the tag along boat. SO unfortunately didnt have much say in what we did.

3 hours later we pull into the "Dolly Varden Garden" and start fishing! About the same time, the driver of the powerboat checks the gas level. Myeaaa..

" Oh SpIT!"


" we have like less than half the gas left"

"o thats not good.. weather is getting worse"

"Yea we can't pull you guys back hey, we won't have enough gas"

"Dude we came like 30km.."

So we headed for land and started a fire while a few went in the motorboat to get more gas. After discussing how we would survive overnight if needed we all decided the first step was to take a nice nap since it wasn't raining yet. ( oh and in case you missed it. THere was no fish.)

Between naps, weapon fashioning and fishing for nothing the next 6 hours went by rather quickly. Meanwhile the 2 who left to get gas couldn't boat back as the weather was worsening and a tow back up the lake for 30k was out of the question.. They drove over 45km through logging roads and mudholes to get close to where we were. Fashioned a boat launch off a cliff to load the boat into the lake and dropped it in.

The hum of the boat was like music to our ears, they towed us across the bay and we loaded up.

So in the end it was too late to pack up camp that night so the 1 day trip turned into a 2 day trip and we never did catch any fish.....

I think next time I'll bring my own boat...


mari said...

or brave the kiddie pool at the local auquatic center. things never go as planned at those places..

b said...

I love when you write..you even made fishing sound interesting! J/K
sounds like quite a day or two there.

mari said...

ya we love when you write! Do it MORE!