Wednesday, December 07, 2005

So ho ho,
A little update.

One of the main guys at the helpdesk got a job in the "CIS" project. Its like CIS but better.

Better because now I have a good opportunity to move into a 'permanent' position here at our beloved Authority of the Health of the North. Probably be on the phones for a while, which is ok as it gets more tolerable as the months progress. It's all relative really. Related to something I'm sure. Really. Relationship between it and something esle.

Christmas is coming!

Christmas IS coming. whether you like it or not.. before too long itll be time to start shopping and finding the cheapest bestest looking POC in the mall to buy for your loved ones. This year ought to be lots of fun though, Gonna have ona T's best friends in town on the 14th-19th, her parents shortly after (yay!) And then it'll be christmas! And that means drinking. Lots and lots of drinking. Different drinks! like tea and coffee! and milk and juice and rum and eggnog and stuff!

Easy Breezy as Bryan just said. Easy Breezy.

That pretty much explains the frame of mind we have here at the helpdesk.
I've decided to FS it up.


Laugh at the client
Pee your Pants

Hang up
Almost die giggling.
Wait for the next call.

That pretty much sums up the helpdesk training.

I guess I should get back to it.

See you on the flip side.


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