Monday, December 19, 2005

6 days

Till christmas..

I was thinking of posting everything that I got for people on here.. then everyone's presents wouldn't be a surprise anymore and that would be funny..
Like my blog entry was the 'unwrapping' of your present. hehe

But then I didn't.

So I'm all ready for christmas.. well pretty much. A few loose ends that need tying up. .the whole rest of the work week.. few presents.. gotta put the lights up outside still.. But for the most Part I'm done.. like.. um.. nothing I guess.
But I started lots!

Its gonna be a busy week, guess I better get started!

Wait, That post would be pretty pointless if I stopped there.

There.. thats better...



graceej said...

you should put a picure of my coffee pot on there. that is cool. made by itself

Zanitram said...

I wish my coffee made itself