Friday, May 14, 2010

Off to the Races

So I've been in my new job for a few weeks now! I've been at work all day everyday actually completing tasks and whatnot! It has been interesting getting back into the hospital culture/politics - I am quite certain this is not where I'll be for the remainder of my working life but am enjoying the change at least and want to stay put as long as possible!
I've been moved to IT and am working on some Telehealth projects ( videoconferencing for business and clinical).. It's nice to be busy again.
With my new reporting relationship came a shiny new blackberry curve - records music, video, goes online and all that fun stuff. Always makes for a happy few weeks when you get a new toy!

May long is coming up and the family is hoping to go camping! We've still to buy a tent and sleeping bags and all that jazz but maybe we'll just sleep under my canopy on some bedding and call it good. :) It'll be nice to catch some HUGE fish again...

TehKim is coming up middle of next week!! She's driving from PG to pouce and staying with our little family for a few days - we're all pretty excited!


b said...

oh man, you don't want to sleep in something you can't keep the mosquitoes out of eh... dad and I tried that when we went to the mine. The bugs were thick! The only way we could survive was to burn mosquito coils all night. It was nasty.

Zanitram said...

I remember burning coils at night in my room! We're going to go to max's log house on the river with a buncha friends for the long weekend - then we can stay in the house! He's gonna sleep in his holiday trailer!! yay