Tuesday, March 03, 2009


So I borrowed a 12 string from my Uncle last week. In between that and the pedal I borrowed from Ray..

(Not actual equipmet)

.. my fingers have started to bleed!

From deep thought came the realization that music must be in my life in order to feel complete, so I've begun spending a bit more time with the instruments in my life. I thought of trying to find a local band to jam with, perhaps a weekend gig here and there just to have a chance to perform, but the last time I tried that the cops shut us down for being too loud so I've come up with a new plan.


Ejamming allows you to connect to musicians all over the world from the comfort of your living room. Realtime jam sessions using special software over the interweb! Only catch - you gotta buy a piece of hardware to take care of that nasty latency.
Goes for around $1000 or something so it will require some saving and dreaming!


b said...

yep..I know what you mean..no music, no life:)

mari said...

I LOVE it! The 12 string, the music... you.

elzee said...

That's the hottest 12-string ever with it's custom paint job.