Monday, December 18, 2006

Forest Ninjas

My saturday started out like most saturdays,

" Dad wake up. dad, dad . dad."
"Honey can you get up with her?"

"ok M, I'm coming, go play with your cat for an hour and I'll be right there"

And then it clicks, I bounce out of bed and into my snow gear while jamming at the coffee pot buttons. Rice crispies splatter the floor as I 'cook' breakfast for the little gaffer, cringing as I feel the creepy pops under my feet. My mind is focusing although the world wouldn't know it, seeing only the whirlwind of activity that the rising sun demands.

Today. is Forest Ninja day.

The only day of the year I get to dress up and hunt the forest, tracking sap and wielding a bright orange Axe, wreaking havoc as I slyly pounce through the underbrush. Tree's tremble at my peircing eyes, my sturdy hand and righteous justice. Tales of the mighty forest Ninjas fly on the wind from branch to branch, conjuring up images of angry bundles of firepower slashing baby tree's without conscience.

As my faithful brethren arrive high up on proud steeds I say my farewells, to Maiden and princess alike, not knowing if this will be the last time our eyes will meet....

Sniff, Dodge, Flinch.

Sniff, Dodge, Flinch.

We see the sentry tree's posted high atop steep rock faces as we scale in a catlike fashion up the slippery shale. Fear is the furthest thing from our minds as we climb past discarded deer hooves and the remains of recent battles in the snow push us on.

Atttackkk!!! We spread out in formation around the might Oak Beast and selectivly swing and dodge as its mighty branches sweep out to decimate the little ninjais.

As the sun sets over the Skeena River, falling behind a majestic backdrop of whitcapped mountain peaks, we regale each other with mighty tales of Ole. Storing Todays mighty feats for next year, when our tale will be taller than the cliff we sit on.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Friday, December 01, 2006

George is at it again.


Tamara's uncle came by last night, shortly after the wind had settled down, finished with its snow dune making and driveway filling fury. He came by with a snowblower. I've never actually used one before last night, still haven''t to tell you the truth. He was nice enough to completely clear the entire driveway for me in 10 minutes, probably would have taken me months! ( anyone who has been to my house in the winter can attest to that!)

My teacher in 6th grade taught me not to use the word 'nice' when describing things in writing. What if something is nice? Am I supposed to conform and change my scribed vocabulary decisions to socially acceptable terminologies? It's a point I've pondered more times than not, and those quick at math will notice that is a lot of time (ray). Which brings me to my point! Who wrote the script for that subway commercial? oooo! This sandwich is GOooood. Oh.. its not nice. my bad. heh... Well good was like one of those.. 'unwriteable' words as well, the words that would get you an a- or god forbid, a b+. ( can you imagine carmen?)

The other thing I'm unsettled about today is the neglect we can find in the bed industry. I've expected the bed industry to pump a little more money, time and effort into advancing the technologies available to us. Options now, are pretty much, Foam, water or feathers.
We spend many years in our beds, almost as much time as I spend on pondering whether or not to write with nice, and still no significant jumps in bed technology.
I am looking for some sort of cocoon style rem server that biologically ( or perhaps just electronically) repairs/improves our bodies while we sleep. Why is that too much to ask for? We know of certain things that will help our skin/circulation or other parts of the body. We also know how to make nifty containers for pretty much anything. Why haven't we put the two together? All I can say to the Industry Leaders in Bed making is... Nice. Nice guys. Way to go and let us all down.

Peece Owt.